Friday, December 2, 2011

Part 4

  • Not thinking people are lying when they say you look good. 
  • Not having to buy new jeans every month because the old ones are worn out from my thighs rubbing together. 
  • Trying on cute dresses at shops and looking BEAUTIFUL in them. 
  • Their faces when they recognize it's me. 
  • "The Skinny Sister"
  • Acting crazy without people judging me. 
  • Being able to joke about losing weight and people knowing it was a joke. 
  • Getting whatever I want in the buffet line and no one judging me.
  • Being able to tell what shape my face actually is. 
  • Being able to fit my calves in sleek boots. 
  • Guys whistling at me. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Part 3

  • Getting honked at as I walk down the street. 
  • Having lost more weight than the people on the weight loss commercials. 
  • My scales being my "friend", not my "enemy".
  • My FUTURE husband carrying me over the threshold. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Part 2

  • Being in LOVE.
  • Making my parents PROUD.
  • Having a sexy BUTT.
  • Not worrying about my shirt riding up.
  • No longer having to listen to my parents suggestions on to lose weight. 
  • Walking down the street and turning heads.
  • Making him JEALOUS.
  • Feeling SEXY ALL THE TIME.
  • Short shorts.
  • EVERYONE who ever called me FAT, feeling STUPID.
  • Reaching IT.

What I Look Forward To --> Part 1

  • Skinny dipping. 
  • Not looking pregnant in my wedding dress.
  • My stomach staying flat even when I'm sitting down. 
  • Long, thin fingers.
  • Having a slender neck. 
  • To put my "boyfriends" clothes on and have them be baggy. 
  • Going for a run in JUST a sports bra.
  • Walking around confidently because i don't need to worry about my legs jiggling.
  • Not feeling like someone I just met would describe me as "the bigger girl". 
  • Having the confidence to ASK a guy out. 
  • "Do you have a smaller size?"
  • Thighs NOT touching when I'm sitting.
  • Being able to wear leggings and not feel like my thighs look MASSIVE!
  • To borrow all my slimmer friends clothes.
  • Wearing a guys jacket when I'm cold and not being scared it won't fit!
  • Having all the attention on me when I see family members who I haven't seen in a while. 
  • My stomach not dropping down while I'm laying on my side.
  • Having ALL the guys who REJECTED me WISH they hadn't.
  • Back dimples.
  • To be curvy in all the right places.
  • To have my CRUSH think I'm SEXY.
  • My "boyfriend" being able to pick me up.
  • Having CONFIDENCE.
  • Not being afraid of meeting new people.
  • To stop being shy.
  • Being able to wear just a sports bra around my friends without a care in the world.
  • Being able to wear tight fitting shirts and look good in them.
  • Being asked, "Did you lose weight?"
  • Being light enough that someone can pick me up.
  • To look good in a cute dress.
  • Receiving piggy backs, not just giving them.
  • Weighing LESS than my "boyfriend".
  • Sitting on someones lap without feeling like I'm hurting them. 
  • Making my CRUSH ADORE ME.
  • Being the THIN GIRL in the group.
  • To be the LIGHTEST person in my family.
  • To have my DAD tell me I look good.
  • To be considered BEAUTIFUL.
  • Shoulder blades.
  • Collar Bones
  • Not having to lie down to have a FLAT stomach.
  • So I can wear MISS ME jeans.
  • To fit in a jean size that is one ONE DIGIT.
  • To be the skinny friend.
  • Walking without my thighs rubbing together.
  • To hear people say, "I wish I was SKINNY like you."
  • "I need new jeans. These are too big!"
  • Buying all NEW clothes in SMALLER sizes.
  • Hip Bones.
These a just a "few" of the things I look forward to! What do you look forward to? 


Hey guys! So this is a new blog. This blog is going to be about weight loss. It's something I'm struggling with right now and I figured it would keep me motivated if I blogged about it. I'll be posting what I look forward to when I lose weight. So stay tuned and chime in with any advice or comments anytime!